Introducing Beatrice's Bedroom

We're delighted to announce that we have an exciting new candle brand joining the Plum & Belle family. Beatrice's Bedroom was founded during the pandemic by sisters, Sam and Maxine, who had always had the dream of setting up a business together. We love their energy and innovation around shapes and colour. Their handmade candles are like mini sculptures for your home. We also love their approach to sustainability which is at the heart of all of their process and material choices. 
Beatrice's Bedroom all began with Sam starting to make candles and getting great feedback on the shapes and colours. She then suggested to Max that this could be a business opportunity if they were to work together, each focussing on their skills and passions (Sam is still the candle maker and Max is in charge of business and marketing tasks). And so Beatrice's Bedroom was born.
a montage of images showing what candle brand Beatrice's Bedroom is about
The brand name, Beatrice’s Bedroom, comes from the band name the sisters gave themselves when teenagers, paying homage to Alisha’s Attic. It also reflects the female energy that drives this business, set up by sisters who are also mothers to four daughters. With this in mind all of the candles are all named after important females in their lives too.
a white shelf containing a selection of Beatrice's Bedroom candles. One is being lit by a match. You can see the hand holding the match, as well as part of the wrist.
Plum & Belle: What are the 3 things about your business that make your heart sing?
Beatrice's Bedroom: Firstly, we are very proud of our product. Every single candle is handmade and unique.
Secondly, we are proud that we have built our business on a sustainable, ethical foundation. We have no shame or secrets behind our brand. We like to be as transparent as possible, and we aim to be planet-friendly in all of our choices.
Thirdly, we are trying to empower women and the next generation (especially our daughters) so everything BB stands for has a positive stance towards women. This includes our monthly charity donation which is always to a woman’s charity. We are currently supporting “Their Voice”, a charity that supports victims of modern slavery and helps them to rebuild their lives. 
an aerial view of a navy blue candle setting in a mould
P&B: Which of the P&B core values do your products reflect? 
  • Natural Materials: Coconut and rapeseed oil wax is 100% vegan, biodegradable and more sustainable to produce than both soy and paraffin waxes.
  • Minimal waste, pollutants and emissions: We make to order to minimise material waste and energy use.
  • Recycled/reclaimed/reused:  Our packaging is recyclable/compostable
  • Made in the UK:  All of our candles are made in Surrey by hand.
P&B: What are your future aims for your business?
BB: We hope to expand our product range and make Beatrice’s Bedroom somewhere you come to buy beautiful gifts , knowing that you're buying something lovely that's been made responsibly.
The Pauline candle from Beatrice's Bedroom in a pale green colour
P&B: Do you have a favourite product?
BB: We love The Pauline, everyone loves the Pauline!!! (She’s our Mum)
So of course The Pauline was the top of our selection list too. Thanks so much Max and Sam. We're delighted that Beatrice's Bedroom is now part of the P&B experience. If you'd like to shop their full collection, you can just click here.
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