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We're delighted to welcome our latest signing, Kin & Kloth, to the Plum & Belle family. Kin & Kloth was founded by identical twin sisters, Justine and Toni, who both come from a retail fashion background but have a passion for beautiful lifestyle products made sustainably. They work with a select group of highly skilled weavers in Turkey, who create handwoven towels in a time-honoured, traditional way using old-style wooden shuttle looms. Every Kin & Kloth product is made using only top quality GOTS certified organic cotton. The threads are all spun in central Turkey using dyes and finishes that are GOTS certified organic too.
 collaged image of Kin & Kloth founders, logo and products
How did Kin & Kloth begin?
We launched Kin & Kloth in 2018. We've always been very close and have shared a dream for as long as we can remember to start a business together. We have the same interests and are passionate about sourcing ethically made, non-toxic lifestyle products for our homes but we didn’t want to compromise on beautiful design and style to achieve this. We have ties to Turkey and it’s there we fell in love with the peshtemal or hammam towels.
After doing a lot of research we realised it's difficult to source these wares made in the traditional way and from organic cotton - nowadays the vast majority are mass produced. Eventually we came across our amazing partners, with whom we now work very closely. They share the same passion, values and beliefs as us and so our business was born.
We work with some of the last weavers of their kind in Turkey to create truly handmade towels on non-mechanical wooden looms. Some of the looms were saved just days from being scrapped because the demand had decreased so sharply for these beautiful towels due to mass factory production. 
Founders of Kin & Kloth, Toni and Justine
Three things about Kin & Kloth that make your heart sing:
Bringing beautiful products to the market that have purpose, meaning and a story behind them. 
The feedback from our customers. To hear a customer is blown away by the quality and softness of our products is something we will never tire of hearing.
The amazing people we continue to meet and learn from through our business journey. From our partners in Turkey and other small and ethical business owners through to our customers, it’s amazing to connect with people who share the same values and passions. 
What are the key sustainable and ethical elements to Kin & Kloth?
All our towels are made from natural materials, either organic cotton or linen, and are all naturally dyed. 
We want to minimise any negative impact of our products for the planet and people. This is why it’s so important to us to use GOTS certified organic cotton and dyes. When shipping to our consumers we ensure all our packaging is recyclable and natural. 
We are so proud to say we are helping to conserve the age-old tradition of shuttle-loom weaving as all our towels are produced by hand on these beautiful looms by skilled craftspeople. 
A Turkish man weaving on a traditional hand loom making peshtemal towels
What would you consider your signature product?
Our loop towels. Even though we initially launched our brand with only peshtemal or hammam towels we soon introduced traditional Turkish loop bathroom towels to our collection and we haven’t looked back. We absolutely love our hammam towels but the loop towels are truly stunning and are different from any other bathroom towel currently available. They are completely handwoven by the last generation of  weavers who can produce these particular towels on wooden shuttle looms. The process is slow: it takes about eight hours to loom just a single bath towel, not including the hand-tied fringes, and they are incredibly soft and luxurious. The quality is exceptional and these particular loop towels can last decades, even a lifetime.
folded Kin & Kloth white ribbed towel draped over the edge of a bathroom basin
We're delighted that you've decided to partner with us. In what way do you feel Kin & Kloth and Plum & Belle have particular synergy?
We both believe in carefully sourcing products and that we can direct consumers to make conscious purchases that come from a positive place yet still look beautiful and effortlessly stylish.
What are the future aims for your business?
We would love to add a few more designs to expand our product portfolio. Ultimately, we would love to branch out and explore other unique and ethical artisan-made homeware products. For now, though, we are keeping it small and will continue to focus on our hand-loomed textiles as we still have so much more to learn about this wondrous craft.
To see our curated collection of Kin & Kloth products, click here.
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