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Another red letter day for us at Plum & Belle. We adore announcing new brands that we are bringing on board. There's many months of emails, meetings (IRL and virtual), planning sessions, question-asking and product reviewing before we get to this stage, and every time we go through this process, we develop a fresh love affair with a new brand, founding team or maker. We also learn so many new things about how different people approach creating beautiful product in a sustainable, ethical and responsible way.
The latest focus of our brand-based affections is Wax + Wick Workshop, and founder Nicole. Blending simple design, sustainability and high quality ingredients, this candle collection is about bringing scents inspired by nature, innovative silhouettes, tactility and the occasional pop of colour into your home. 
Transplanted Dane, Nicole has created this business with sustainability at its heart, and applies an eco-conscious mindset throughout all aspects of her business, from the recycled glass jars that house the scented candles to the cotton wicks, soy wax and essential oil scents. The Danish word hygge incorporates the meaning of both living in the present and appreciating the art of simple things and perfectly describes the experience she hopes to impart with her beautiful and unique collection of candles.
P&B: Tell us about your journey to founding Wax + Wick Workshop 
Nicole: Since being a young kid, I have always been super creative and into design, whether that's fashion, art or interiors. Equally, I have always been really interested in business. I've also studied Environmental Science. I have used all three passions to create Wax + Wick Workshop and I'm lucky enough to absolutely LOVE my job.

P&B: How did your business begin?
Nicole: I started the business straight after finishing my Masters in Environmental Science at UCL. Also having a Bachelors in Business, I knew I wanted to start my own business. I had saved up during university to give a business idea a go and I had made a secret promise to myself that if I couldn't make a living from it I would call it quits after six months. Several years later we are going strong and growing every year!

What are the three things about your business that make your heart sing?
1. I am incredibly proud that we are one of the leaders in the candle industry that put sustainability at the forefront of everything we do. We're the only candle company that I know of that use 100% recycled waste glass to create our candle jars!
2. Seeing the business grow and evolve! Starting out cutting wine bottles in half in my kitchen to having our first little studio and now recently moving into the dream studio space.
3. Seeing people use our products! As we are an online company, we miss out on having that in-person interaction with our customers, so it can often feel like we are making and sending out thousands of candles to no-one. It's difficult to get my head around the fact that each candle that leaves our studio is going into someone's home. So definitely when I see people posting and tagging us in their photos it's so rewarding

What are the key sustainable and ethical elements of your brand? 
- 100% recycled glass jars for our signature scented candles
- Our labels are made from recycled paper
- Our taper candle box is made from recycled paper
- We only source from UK suppliers
- All of our products are plastic free, even all shipping packaging!
- Everything that we do is vegan friendly and never tested on animals
- The essential oils used are manufactured in the UK and are certified cruelty free
- Our whole collection is handmade in our studio by us!
Do you have a signature product, something that really sums up what your brand is about?
Our signature product is our 100% recycled glass jar candles. Initially our original five-scent line-up were filled upcycled wine bottles. We only ever used the bottom half and would recycle the top of the bottle. Creating the vessel alone was sooooo time consuming so I knew we could be more efficient and more sustainable.
In 2019, I made it my mission to create a new, more sustainable candle vessel made from 100% recycled glass. After 10 months searching high and low and speaking to many manufacturers, I was finally able to find someone who could make our jars from waste glass and not use any virgin glass. To top it all off, their production line is a closed loop, meaning that all the water used in the recycling process gets filtered back into the system to eliminate water waste. It's a product that holds a very special place in my heart and I love all 10+ scents we now have in our collection.

What about Plum & Belle feels like it has particular synergy with your brand?
I love our equal passion for independent makers and valuing the time and energy that is put into each and every product. 

What are your future aims for your business?

Expanding our range! For several years now, we have only sold our candles that have now become our signature product and what people know us for. We have just released our Neutrals Collection, which is a range of concrete candles, decorative plates and coasters. I would really love to see us expand our homeware and candle range in the near future.

Find all of Wax & Wick's products here.

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