More about our co-founder, Lisa Plumridge

Lisa Plumridge (Plum to her family and friends) has loved words and travel for as long as she can remember. She studied languages and politics and honed her writing and editing skills while at Surrey University, then spent her 20s travel-writing her way around the world before returning to London in her 30s, where she co-founded content marketing agency The Content Works. This agency undertook assignments for Alastair Sawday Publishing, Thomas Cook, including managing Europe by Rail, Time Out  and Mr & Mrs Smith, among many others, before being taken over in 2007 by much larger US-based client Enveritas Group. She still works here today, managing global content marketing and content projects for companies such as Google, Amex, Net-A-Porter and eBay.

Her work at these two agencies has always been people-centric, with a focus on social responsibility and forging sustainable business practices, keeping large, highly skilled and international teams motivated and engaged through remote and flexible working. Offices are paperless, business travel is kept to a minimum and locals are hired - no matter where in the world 'local' may be - wherever possible. 

She is passionate about greener living, loves rail and every element of slow travel, enjoys sharing good food with great friends and family, and swears by her two yomps a day, whatever the weather, through fields and woods with her black labrador, Atticus.

What’s the most important thing for you about ‘Plum & Belle’?

It’s the meeting of many things I love: collaborating with a dear friend, partnering with those who treasure similar values, a reeducation in more ethical living, and feeling that any action, no matter how small, makes a difference.  

What’s your definition of luxury?

A good book, large cup of freshly poured tea, a squishy sofa, an open fire and a lovely view. Or a leisurely walk in the woods.

Most often found?

Organising the latest get-together, whether family, old and new friends, or the local gang.

What’s your favourite thing about Belle?

Her creativity, honesty, loyalty, big laugh and huge heart.

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