Wildcrafting with Fifield Road Apothecary

A selection of Fifield Road Apothecary's products are designated "Wildcrafted". We were fascinated by this term and wanted to know more so we caught up with founder, Leslie who explained it all beautifully and now we're more in love with her collection than ever. a collage of images showing Leslie from Fifield Road Apothecary foragig for ingredients and then incorporating them in her collection of skincare

This term applies to the Fifield Road Apothecary soaps, balms, bath teas etc that incorporate wild foraged (and some home cultivated) herbs from which Leslie makes oil infusions to add to her product recipes.

These ingredients are seasonal, local ingredients and as such are produced in pretty small quantities and are available over short bursts of time. Leslie spends a lot of time in the summer harvesting plants that are then carefully dried and stored in a dark place so she can use them in the winter (like calendula and chamomile), but this does mean that her ingredients are quite limited and can run out making her products even more precious.

Leslie says "Our hedgerows, footpaths and public land are filled with medicinal gifts that are generously offered up to us to share in and work with for our own health and the health of our planet. The more we get to know these 'weeds' and see them for the individual, resilient, adaptive and intelligent beings they are, the more we care about them. In this way we can shift our consciousness about what it means to 'save the planet'. Building intimate relationships with our local plant allies is a great step to take towards doing this. Planet care is self care!"

You can shop the full Fifield Road Apothecary collection here.

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