Ishkar's gold-plated hoop earrings with lapis lazuli detail on white background
Afghan model wears white top and Ishkar's gold-plated hoop earrings with lapis lazuli detail against yellow background
Profile of Afghan model wearing gold-plated earrings with lapis lazuli detail against red background

Gold-plated hoop earrings with lapis details

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These earrings are fine but still with substance, glinting where the light reflects from the slightly hammered appearance of the surface, and detailed with a flash of lapis lazuli. They are a complementary design to the band rings in particular, and part of a collection of gold-plated, lapis lazuli detailed jewellery from Ishkar. 

Our values and this particular product:

  • Natural materials 
  • Minimal waste, pollutants and emissions
  • Vegan
  • Community engagement (including the additional support from Turquoise Mountain)
  • Conserving traditions

This jewellery is made by Mohammad Milad. Mohammad trained as an apprentice at one of Afghanistan’s most prestigious jewellers and at just 22 set up his own jewellery business, Rana Jewellery, naming the company after his daughter. At Rana, Mohammad enjoys the freedom of combining traditional and contemporary styles, and we adore how he has achieved that with the pieces that we've selected.

These gold-plated styles are all detailed with deep blue lapis lazuli stone, which comes from high in the valley of Sar-e Sang in North Eastern Afghanistan. This iconic stone was once so exclusive it was reserved for the funeral masks of Pharaohs and for the brush tips of the Renaissance’s most renowned artists. 

On top of the amount that Ishkar pay the artisans, a further 10% of the value of this product goes towards the Turquoise Mountain Foundation. Turquoise Mountain supports Afghan artisans by providing them with three years of technical training, as well as a full range of business support following graduation. You can read more about the Foundation in our profile piece about Ishkar in our journal.

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