Casa Cubista Ceramics

We have been fans of Casa Cubista for some time. As their textiles and wood products have such excellent and innovative sustainability credentials, we focussed on having those in our shop first. After making a visit to the Casa Cubista ceramics studio and spending time with the founders and pottery team this summer, we are excited to announce that we will also be carrying Casa Cubista's world-renowned, signature ceramics.

All of Casa Cubista's ceramics are created by hand in the historical and traditional pottery heart of Portugal. Each piece is hand thrown on the wheel by a small team of potters in a studio that has been the home of this family business for over 200 years.

The innate and fluid way each piece is made is a delight to watch and puts my own potting skills way, way in the shade! Once the pottery has dried sufficiently, it's then passed on to a small team of painters who deftly hand-paint each piece with Casa Cubista's signature graphic designs. 

The spotlight that they have shone on the beauty and relevance of Portugal's pottery tradition has increased its popularity and drawn worldwide interest, resulting in this highly skilled, long-standing tradition having a much rosier future. As 'conserving traditions' is one of our core sustainability values, this is excellent news. The Casa Cubista team has recently expanded from working with one ceramics studio to five, as they diversify their offer. We really love the new oven-to-table collection that's made from hardy local clay. As well as having excellent sustainable attributes, these pieces are a joy to use and really aesthetically pleasing.
The skill with which each piece is thrown means that there is very little clay waste or excessive water use, which ticks our 'minimal waste, pollution and emissions' value. The local terracotta clay is of course natural materials, marking off another key sustainability attribute. Very excitingly (if you're a plastic-free geek like us), Casa Cubista recently went totally plastic free with their packaging and shipping materials too. Another big sustainability tick.

So all in all, it was a great visit and we are very excited to now offer Casa Cubista ceramics alongside the hand-carved wooden candleholders, cushion covers, rugs and linen that we already have in the shop. You can read more about Casa Cubista here, and shop the full collection here.

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