Corporate Services

If you'd like to reflect or enhance your sustainable credentials, our corporate gifting service is the perfect choice for you and your business. We can create bespoke gifts for your customers, clients and employees that will be beautifully stylish and excellent quality as well as having the highest sustainable and ethical credentials.

a tissue wrapped parcel with Plum & Belle branded stickers and a pair of scissors

We can work with whatever quantity you need and budget you've set, and propose options to you that reflect those parameters as well as your business's character. Each gift will be hand wrapped, presented beautifully and utterly plastic free, and can be sent to you to deliver to your chosen recipients or dispatched by us directly.

Please get in touch if we can help. 

What our clients say:
Elizabeth Windsor, founder of TeeHee Kids
"TeeHee is a sustainable and ethical kidswear brand founded with sustainability consultancy support by Plum & Belle. We work with brand rep parents on social media to spread the news about our collections and wanted to give those ambassadors a surprise gift. Adding in a sustainable, ethical, responsible product from Plum & Belle’s collection made total sense. We gave them our budget and they provided beautifully wrapped, ready-to-send product. It’s great to partner with a business that upholds the same values and standards that we do.”
a pile of teehee kids products with an evergreen soap on top, being held up by one hand