Our story

“As this business is very close to both of our hearts, it’s named using the terms only our nearest and dearest call us.” 
Lisa ‘Plum’ Plumridge and Lucy ‘Belle’ Williams 


We met when we were just nine years old and have remained an integral part of each other's chosen family over the decades since. Lucy is a womenswear designer and forecaster, entrepreneur and social media early-adopter. Lisa is a multilingual content specialist, travel expert and marketeer.

We’ve been on a mission to become more sustainably and ethically informed in our daily lives and our careers for the past decade, and this passion has culminated in the founding of Plum & Belle. There has to be a way to live more sustainably, yet no less stylishly. Plum & Belle will help you to make more informed, more mindful decisions that are conscious of the impact on our planet, and on the beings that inhabit it.

This business is our journey to living better, more responsibly and more thoughtfully. It is a vehicle for talking to people and other businesses about taking greater social and environmental responsibility.

As a retailer, all of the clothing, beauty and home product we feature has been very carefully selected from brands that we feel are outstanding in their behaviours and creativity, enabling you to confidently make better choices. 

As a consultancy, we work with a diverse selection of companies, supporting them in how they can work more sustainably and ethically, and communicate more clearly about all of their great work.

For us as a business, and for all of the brands that we engage with, we know that where we are right now is just a stepping stone on a constantly evolving journey. Currently our actions just make things more sustainable than they were, but we need to keep aiming for better than that. We look forward to sharing our journey with you.