We'd like to make green the new black. Actually, we'd like to make green the new everything, and we think we've made a strong start with our curated collection of sustainably, ethically and responsibly created clothes, accessories, homeware and skincare.

"Every better decision, no matter now small, adds to towards us all living in a happier, healthier way on a happier and healthier planet."

Lisa ‘Plum’ Plumridge and Lucy ‘Belle’ Williams 

We believe in always selling products at a fair price for all involved in their creation, so we don't do seasonal sales, twofers or BOGOFs, and we absolutely won't be doing any Black Friday discounting. Our aim is to turn Black Friday green, so we're planting a tree for every £100 spent with us between Friday 27th November and Monday 30th November, through Trees for Cities, the only UK charity who are improving our lives and the environment by planting trees in cities, nationally and internationally.


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