Hello 2023

I thought this might be a good time to reintroduce myself. I'm Lucy, the founder of Plum & Belle. Generally all you might see of me is a hand in a photo shoot or my voice on an instagram reel! I'm not much of an 'in front of the camera' type. This is me caught mid-photoshoot for our homeware, which is probably as close as we might get to a portrait shot!
Lucy on a photo shoot for homeware
Thank you if you shopped with us in 2022. We're well aware of all the economic pressures so each sale held even greater significance to us and to the brands that we carry. I hope that your purchases exceeded your expectations and brought you joy. 
P&B is an online department store filled with beautiful, considered and well crafted clothing, accessories, jewellery, beauty and homeware products. If you have the appetite to delve deeper, you'll discover that, in addition to being stylish and high quality, everything has been created with sustainability at its heart. We ensure that every product reflects at least three of our ten core values, made with great consideration for both planet and people so you can shop with total confidence.
collage of images showing various products being made
You may have noticed that the Plum & Belle own-brand collection has been growing. My background is in fashion where I developed a passion for textiles. I'm now redirecting that passion in to creating new products from antique, vintage and dead-stock textiles like our own-label patchwork quilts, patchwork cushion covers and our Quilty Pleasures pouches. Any offcuts and scraps left over from making are used to create the reusable facial wipes which are becoming a best-seller as well as being a key step in our journey towards being zero waste.
I'm also a ceramicist. I took up pottery about five years ago as a route to expressing creativity in a new way and as a side benefit, I found it a wonderful way of soothing my struggle with anxiety. In addition to our core collection of beautiful and useful homeware ceramics, we also offer a 'made to order' service for bespoke pet bowls and custom homeware ceramics, like our commission-made cups for Boutique Barges.
We hope that you enjoy our newsletters and look forward to sharing more new year's news with you soon. Oh, and don't forget to leave a review when you've made a purchase from us. Every month one reviewer is selected at random to receive a surprise gift! 
Thank you, Lucy x
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