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We have been fans of Angela Benjamin's beautiful jewellery for many years - and additionally a fan of her as a very stylish being in general. When we discovered that Angela was taking a sustainability journey very much in line with ours, we were so excited to discuss her joining the Plum & Belle family. Her jewellery, combining geometric boldness with an organic softness, is deeply considerate of her materials, focusing on ensuring that there is no needless waste, no excess production, and that all of her resources are from trustworthy, certified, ethical sources. 

AngeB Designs and our key values:

  • Natural materials
  • Recycled/reclaimed/reused
  • Minimal waste, pollutants and emissions
  • Made in the UK
  • With certifications
headshot portrait of Angela Benjamin, founder of AngeB Designs
How did AngeB Designs begin?
After working for many years as a physiotherapist, I decided that I wanted a career change and enrolled on a Foundation in Art & Design course at Chelsea School of Art. Initially my plan was to eventually study architecture, but during my studies, on the advice of one of my tutors, I decided to try small-scale 3D making through jewellery design and fell in love with the process.
After a couple of years of adult education jewellery classes and ending up with more silver rings than I could reasonably wear in one lifetime, I decided to start selling my creations and founded AngeB Designs, expanding into an Etsy shop four years ago and launching my own online shop in the past year.
What are the three things about your business that make your heart sing?
1. Taking a piece of silver, hitting it with a hammer and seeing what happens.
2. Knowing that I’ve taken a handful of scrap silver and turned it into something wearable.
3. Seeing someone smile when they put a piece of my jewellery on!
What are the key ethical and sustainable elements of AngeB Designs?

I personally source all of the materials myself and know their ethical origins. The stones come from Ward Gemstones in Hatton Gardens, who work in a stringently ethical way. The silver is all certified eco silver, sourced from Responsible Jewellery, and I reuse all of the scrap metal that's created during my making process. Each piece is shaped by hand, one by one, using fire (from a low carbon emission fuel source) and muscle power (very low carbon) and made to order, to avoid using excess amounts of materials to create surplus stock. Everything is made in my workshop located in my back garden, affectionately known as the 'she-cave', so there's no excessive journeying around my production either.

AngeB Designs workshop

Do you have a signature product, something that really sums up what your brand is about?

The Eclipse bangle is made from recycled silver which has been smelted and formed into one single rod of silver wire. The design is constructed by repeatedly hammering and heating the metal to the desired shape before finally soldering the ends together. I think this piece epitomises the low waste element of my brand, with the shape of the bangle reflected in the cyclical nature of sustainable, ethical design.AngeB Designs jewellery making tools

What is it about Plum & Belle that feels like it has particular synergy with your brand?

As someone who has adopted a slow-living lifestyle, I was drawn to Plum & Belle’s selection of vintage and artisanal products. I feel that encouraging people to buy beautiful things that they will want to cherish is the way to help reduce the current societal excesses.

What are your future aims for AngeB Designs?

I would like to continue making my work and would love to have one or two more stockists with a similar ethos. I am also planning on teaching larger sized jewellery making workshops later this year.

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