Introducing Evergreen

Plum and I have been on a constant mission to find the best brands to offer across our various departments, ensuring that our partner brands fit in with both our high sustainable and ethical standards, as well as our high standards for quality and aesthetics. It's been quite the challenge to find brands that we really love for our skincare and beauty offer in particular, so we were particularly delighted to discover Evergreen and their artisan made, 100% natural, vegan soaps.

Founded in 2020 by Richard, Laura & Alastair, this family-run business set itself a mission to create a small, concise collection of small-batch soaps that are handmade with the highest grade natural ingredients and formulated to be suitable for use on your face and hands as well as your body, leaving skin cleansed, soft and moisturised. Not only that, the soaps are also palm oil, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and paraben free.

Our Values and Evergreen Soap Co

  • Natural materials ('ingredients' in this case)
  • Minimal waste, pollutants and emissions
  • Vegan
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Conserving traditions
  • Made in the UK
  • With certifications

How did Evergreen Soap Company begin?

Evergreen Soap Co. was born from a love of all things natural and skincare related and specifically (a slight obsession!) with handmade soap. After turning to natural skincare years ago, we all quickly realised that to achieve healthy, glowing skin, what we put on our body is just as important as what we put in our body.

After a long journey of learning the craft and refining our product, Evergreen Soap Co. was launched in 2020.

What are the three things about your business that make your heart sing?

1) Simple, effective skincare: all bars have been formulated to be used on your face, body and hands, leaving your skin soft, supple, nourished and healthy.

2) Palm oil free: all of our products are completely free of palm oil and always will be.

3) Plastic and gender free: our packing (or lack of) has been specifically designed to reduce waste and appeal to all demographics. With an ethos of 'skin is skin', we firmly believe that all skin deserves to be treated with love.

What are the key sustainable and ethical elements of Evergreen?

- Plastic free. All soap is available 'naked' or wrapped in biodegradable paper
- 100% natural
- Palm oil free
- Organic ingredients used where possible
- Vegan
- The ancient cold process way of making our soap uses minimal energy, making it a very sustainable and low-impact production process

What about Plum & Belle feels like it has particular synergy with your brand?

As an all-natural, plastic free company, we feel that Plum & Belle are the perfect partner for Evergreen Soap. With a similar ethos of sustainable, minimal luxury, we are delight to be part of the Plum & Belle product family! 

What are your future aims for your business?

We will be releasing new products in the coming months and aim to keep spreading the Evergreen word far and wide. We feel that there is a real shift in what customers are looking for both in terms of product ingredients and packaging options and we look forward to creating new products and campaigns around these ideas. We are also very keen to promote the gender-free skin movement - everyone's skin is different, but it is not defined by gender, race or otherwise - we will be shouting loud and clear about this in the very near future!  Watch this space!
Take a look here to see the full Evergreen collection.
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