Introducing Kleensoaps

We are very excited to be adding Kleensoaps to our collection of brilliant skincare brands. When we discovered this soap label we absolutely fell in love with the brand's ethos, approach and aesthetic (let alone those genius product names!). Not only are Kleen's soaps vegan and blended with the highest quality botanical essential oils, they are also paraben free and have no artificial dyes, preservatives or fragrances. They are also funkily chunky, AND each one is suspended from its own cotton rope. Yes, soap on a rope is a thing again and we love it!
A montage of Kleensoap’s products, logo and portrait of founder, Jutta
Founder Jutta Klee has been working as a beauty and lifestyle photographer since she arrived in London from Germany aged 21. We asked Jutta to tell us about her move from photographer to soap guru, hand-making her collection in South London. 
A green coloured bar of Kleen’s soap on a rope with foliage either side
P&B: So why soap on a rope?

Jutta: A couple of years ago I was trying to find a soap on a rope that suited a seemingly simple requirement: affordable and sustainable with natural ingredients. As I couldn't find one, I assumed this could be a gap in the market. I booked myself on a soap-making course and was instantly hooked. I am now on a one-woman mission to introduce soap on a rope to the younger generation.

What are the three things about your business that make your heart sing?
1) I am so happy that people have really taken to the idea of soap on a rope and that my plan of replacing thousands of shower gel bottles with beautiful, natural soap is working.
2) Many people give my Kleensoaps as presents and I love writing people’s gift messages.
3) Making soap is an ancient and very physical process and I feel that it's good for my mind.
What are the key sustainable and ethical aspects of your brand?
The beauty of solid soap bars is that they have no need for added preservatives and are made with almost all edible ingredients. The lye that gets mixed with oils and butters in the process of saponification turns to glycerine so you are just left with all the natural goodness thats in the soap. I make them with no animal products, no palm oil, no parabens, no synthetic colour or fragrance. All our packaging is recyclable and our labels are made from recycled coffee cups. 
As Kleensoaps is growing I am very conscious of also cutting down on the hidden plastics in the supply chain, working with companies that avoid plastic packaging.
Are there elements of Plum & Belle's approach that you feel particularly chime with your business?
The products that Plum & Belle sell are not just eco friendly and ethically sourced, they are beautiful too. I think I'm on the same page with Lisa and Lucy when it comes to a vision of positive luxury that does not harm the planet. 
What are your future aims for Kleen?
I just aim to spread the word about reducing plastics in our bathrooms. 
Fabulous! That's a great mission as far as we're concerned. You can shop the whole Kleen collection here.
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