Introducing Sunday at the Villa

We are so excited to be able to exclusively share this stunning new collection with you. Sunday at the Villa is a brand new creation, but one based in a couple of decades of passion for antique and vintage textiles, a long career in the fashion industry and a commitment to creating products more consciously and conscientiously.

We interviewed Jo Headland when we joined her for the shoot, down in beautiful Lewes, which is where Jo's business is based. It was really wonderful to get such a good insight into Jo's process, motivation and experience and to really understand how this collection's aesthetic is truly driven by the beauty of the original textiles. 

Although Sunday at the Villa has a really cohesive vibe, each piece is utterly unique. Each is a treasure created through dedicated time, creativity and love. We're quite sure you'll feel that should you be one of the lucky few who gets to buy a piece.

 If you'd like to see Sunday at the Villa's stunning collection, look here.

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Your work is beautiful and the ethos really inspirational.


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