Introducing Trust London

Ann Hardiman and Rob Charlton created their collection of luxury statement sweatshirts with high sustainable and ethical standards at the heart of all of their decisions, to ensure that they can deliver great style without compromise- just what we've founded Plum & Belle to do too.

montage of images and graphics to express the product and aesthetics of Trust London

We asked the husband and wife team to tell us all about their brand new label, Trust London, their background and their brand's mission.

'Positive clothing for awesome humans'

Plum & Belle: We love your brand's tagline, and your very open approach. Tell us more about the founding of Trust London.

Trust London: Trust was created as a family idea at the kitchen table during lockdown. Ann has over 25 years fashion design experience and Rob's been working in graphic design for 30 years. Like many we re-assed what we were doing creatively and looked for opportunities where we could create something together that we both cared about and combined our skills.

We wanted to create something with longevity, pieces to last, that had something to say and would make a positive impact. We don't believe a clothing brand can be truly sustainable and have a neutral environmental impact, but we do believe we can do things better, and learn to create clothes in a kinder way, and to make better decisions.

stacked graphics saying trust three times in peach, white and dark pink on a scarlet red background

P&B: What are the three things about your business that make your heart sing?

Trust London: Having creative freedom and discovering more about best practices with low environmental impact. Being creative within the restrictions created by working sustainably and ethically and finding solutions.

P&B: What are the key sustainable and ethical elements of your brand?

Trust London: We have very carefully researched both our garment maker and our embroiderer to ensure we are partnered with the best businesses who mirror our sustainable and ethical aims. Our embroiderer is based in the UK which we think is really important as we'd like to support British manufacturing and create more opportunities in the UK too. Our business is also plastic free.

P&B: Do you have a signature product, something that really sums up what your brand is about?

Trust London: Our Fearless sweat, one of our very first designs and it summed up how we felt! It felt a bit like all of our industry knowledge was holding us back. I believed we had to act like complete novices, forget all of our past ways of working in fashion. We needed to start fresh, to be brave and just go for it to see where we could take it.

Trust London's fearless sweatshirt in close up. Red logo on a neutral colour sweatshirt

P&B: What about Plum & Belle feels like it has particular synergy with your brand?

Trust London: We love the small, curated collections of brands and the clear criteria to enable customers to make better, more considered choices.

P&B: What are your future aims for your business?

Trust London: To be able to grow and add to the collection, for it to be more and more sustainable and self funded.

Thanks so much Ann and Rob. We are so excited that you've decided to join the Plum & Belle family. You can now shop the full Trust London collection right here.

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