Sustainable travel lessons from Desa Potato Head's founder and visionary, Ronald Akili

This interview combines a few of our travel loves... Juliet Kinsman, doyenne of sustainable travel, Indonesian island of utter joy, Bali, and the brilliant Potato Head.

I should have been staying in Potato Head's Desa in May, enjoying the much anticipated experience of the just opened, Rem Koolhaas's OMA designed hotel. Obviously that didn't happen- but I did postpone my trip rather than cancel, so I still have the joy of anticipation.

As brilliantly highlighted in this interview of Potato Head's visionary founder, Ronald Akili, by Juliet Kinsman (who I first met when she was living in Bali a few years ago) the Desa is a perfect reflection of Potato Head's journey towards ground-breaking sustainability, which Ronald sums up in a really beautifully simple way- 

"Imagine visiting a destination is like visiting a friend's home. You don't litter all over it. Sometimes you come with a gift, and you leave everything as it was. Be grateful and be thankful about it" 

Ronald Akili

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