Introducing Hill & Headland

Hill & Headland is the newest label from P&B favourite, Jo Headland. You may recognise her name as the founder of Sunday at the Villa. For this brand she's teamed up with fashion production and buying expert, Norma Hill. They've both lent their surnames to christen this exciting new sustainable, limited edition clothing brand, all sewn in London featuring heritage British textiles.

We are extremely proud that Hill & Headland have chosen us as their only other retail partner.

Hill and Headland is focussed on creating timeless, slow fashion pieces from premium textiles, producing very limited runs of each style, ensuring exclusivity as well as avoiding over-production and wasted resources. Key to this brand is their support of British mills and manufacturers, doing their part to keep ancient and dying trades alive. These signature, heritage textiles work perfectly with Headland's vintage-fashion-informed design aesthetic, ensuring this collection is filled with items that feel somewhat familiar whilst also being fresh and contemporary.

Their launch collection features textiles from longstanding British greats like Harris Tweed, Abraham Moons, Brisbane Moss and British Millerain. Hill & Headland have leveraged their decades long, fashion industry relationships to gain access to stock fabrics and end of line qualities (also known as dead stock) that might otherwise be written off as the lengths are too small for big companies to buy, but with their limited-run strategy they're perfect for Hill & Headland.  

The business is founded on sustainability, guided by four key statements:

REDUCE. We will strive to reduce our waste.

REPLACE. Anything that is environmentally damaging will be replaced with kinder alternatives.

REMOVE. Anything unnecessary from our development and packaging, keeping things as clean as possible.

REIMAGINE. We are reimagining how fashion works, looking at how seasons turn and how garments no longer need to have a short life span. Choosing the best ways to get your pieces to you by identifying opportunities to reduce environmental impact through innovation.

These sit excellently with our key values:

  • Natural materials: featuring silk, cotton and wool textiles as well as corozo buttons. 
  • Made in the UK: the majority of the textiles are UK made, and the whole of the design, sampling and manufacturing process happens in the UK.
  • Conserving Traditions: Particularly in their textiles choices (Harris Tweed has been woven in the Scotland since the early 20th Century. Yorkshire based British Millerain has been manufacturing rainproofed cotton since 1884.) but also in their support of London-based garment manufacturers.
  • Limited edition, alongside Minimal Waste: Hill & Headland are producing a maximum of 30 pieces per style, and the majority of the production will only be undertaken when it has been presold. 

Jo and Norma want this collection to be filled with items that you'll not only wear season in, season out for years to come, but that their high quality and chic design makes them perfect pieces to be passed on and treasured by future generations too.

Shop the full Hill & Headland collection here, and do note that some items are already in stock but others will only be made when we have reached 15-30 commissions of that style.

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