What does success look like to you?

After watching the Fostering Sustainable Practices event a couple of weeks ago (if you didn't manage to join it you can find a video here), and contemplating some of the points brought up by Kate Raworth in her inspirational book, Doughnut Economics (incidentally the only book on economics that I am ever likely to read by choice), we were inspired to ask our brands about what success looks like to them.

If you saw my Insta Live chat with Tee Hee Kids you'll see how enthused I am by the move towards greater transparency and resource sharing between fashion brands, as well as from brands to their customers. Working with Black Horse Lane Atelier really spotlit a marvellous example of this to us and we can't wait to share more with you about this unique denim brand. We hope that these more collaborative practices herald a necessary sea-change in how the fashion industry operates.

That is a round-about way of introducing the heart of this post, which is that we're rethinking what success looks like, and how it's achieved. In a business-sense, the only important measure historically seemed to be constant financial growth. But why is more always better? As Raworth points out in her book, nowhere in nature is there constant growth. That is simply an unsustainable model, and as we are all about sustainability we wanted to see what our brands hold as their own benchmarks for success. Here are quotes from three of our labels, Sunday at the Villa, Aerende and Ally Bee, who all work in very in different ways, which we hope you'll find inspiring.

quote from Emily, founder of Aerende about success on a background image of an dining table.
quote on success by Jo, founder of Sunday at the Villa on a background image of beige grasses in a sunlit field
quote about success from Alison, founder of Ally Bee on a background image of a cross country path in sunshine
For Lisa and me, we're acutely aware that we have financials to monitor and maintain as a small business with big, long-term plans, but beyond that for us this is about creating something that we feel proud of, that we feel has a bigger significance in its potential positive impact as Plum & Belle the retailer, Plum & Belle the consultancy, and just as importantly for us in our daily lives as Lucy and Lisa. Are we learning daily? Are we planting seeds of change at every opportunity? Can we find something to toast as a success every week? Yes!
We'd love to hear what you consider success. Leave us a comment.
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