Ishkar's blue and cream striped Band-e Amir kilim montage
Ishkar's blue and cream striped Band-e Amir kilim on white background
Ishkar's blue and cream striped Band-e Amir kilim, rumpled
Ishkar's blue and cream striped Band-e Amir kilim on wooden floor with wooden chair, hand-blown glasses and carafe and white wall in background

Band-e Amir kilim

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We are showcasing three stunning kilim designs which are part of a new collaboration between ISHKAR and the Norwegian Refugee Council. Each is handmade individually in an ancient and traditional way, but the finished design has a fresh, contemporary aesthetic. This particular design has been inspired by and named for the deep blue, interlocking lakes of Band-e Amir, a national park located in the Bamyan Province of central Afghanistan.

Part of what makes Afghanistan’s kilims so special is the Ghazni wool they are made from. Each strand of wool is individually spun by hand, giving the kilims great character. This type of wool is also famously hardwearing, meaning Afghan carpets can survive for centuries.

the kilim during make

The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) employed 20 people who had been forced to flee to camps in Herat and Qala-e-Naw because of severe drought in their villages. Although there is an existing, rich tradition of kilim weaving in Badghis, these women were specifically trained to weave these modern designs. The income provided from the kilims has two main aims: to provide weavers with money to return home and to help to diversify their income away from agricultural livelihoods which are becoming increasingly at risk due to climate insecurity.

Our Values and this specific product:

  • Natural materials
  • Minimal waste, pollutants and emissions
  • Conserving traditions
  • Community engagement

Size: 140cm x 200cm

Composition: 100% wool. The type of wool is named for the Afghan province of Ghazni which is known for its lush, green pastures. Grazing on this rich food source gives the sheep's wool its softness. It's also naturally a very pure shade of white, making it easy to create vibrant colours from natural dyes. These sheep create a long fleece which gives a longer wool fibre, creating a yarn that is considered one of the world's finest for rugs and carpets.

pastureland and green hills in afghanistan

Please note that no two kilims are ever identical, they are characterised by slight irregularities that are typical of handmade pieces.