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Casa Cubista

Handwoven linen towel

Handwoven linen towel

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Casa Cubista works with expert weaver, Maria, to produce the handwoven linen towel. Maria makes these by hand on her wooden looms - she has six, some more than a century old - carefully crafting the patterns woven into each piece. 

Maria expertly adds in small sections of cotton to the handwoven linen towel, creating the beautiful textural border designs. The finished product has an authentic, traditional feel that would look chic in any style of home decor.

Our Values and this specific product:

  • Natural materials
  • Minimal waste, pollutants and emissions
  • Conserving traditions
  • Vegan
Maria weaving Casa Cubista's linen towels on her handloom.


small 40cm x 80cm

large 60cm x 135cm

Sustainability Excellence

Linen is what's known as a bast fibre. These are naturally hardy plants that inherently need far less water than cotton and are not reliant on pesticides to thrive. These qualities make bast fibres like linen an excellent sustainable choice.  

The linen is grown in Vila Verde, about 8km from Maria's workshop, and is supplemented by a small amount that Maria grows herself at home. Though the land isn't certified organic, the crop is sown by hand and grown without the use of any chemicals. 

Once harvested it's taken to a local mill that used traditional manual methods to turn the flax stalks into linen fibres. These are then spun into the fine linen thread that Maria uses to hand-weave these very special towels.

Materials & Care

100% linen

Please wash cold and air dry. Iron on reverse side. These will soften over time with laundering and use and if cared for well, could last decades.

Shipping & Returns

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